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AtNight Media Group and One World File Motion to Intervene in Danilo ‘Danelo’ Souza Cavalcante Trial

PHILADELPHIA, PA (18 March 2024) — AtNight Media, an American news agency and syndicate traditionally known for its discreet yet influential role in content production, has partnered with an undisclosed company to launch One World Media Corp., (collectively “One World”), marking a significant transition to New York City. Specializing in the procurement of content for virtually every major television network in the United States, as well as numerous digital and print publications, AtNight Media has quietly assisted in shaping the media landscape, providing otherwise unattainable content to news agencies and audiences globally.

Today, One World has filed a motion to intervene in the trial proceedings of Danilo “Danelo” Souza Cavalcante, challenging the organization's wrongful and unconstitutional exclusion from an American courtroom on February 2, 2024.

"In today’s world, access to information is not just a necessity; it's a right,” said Andrew V. Wyatt, CEO and President of Global Development for One World. “Our fight to enter the courtroom is a testament to our unwavering commitment to ensure that this right is upheld, for the benefit of our global audience and the future of the free press.”

"We believe in a world where information flows freely, and our legal challenge represents a critical step towards realizing that vision.” Hong Xie, President and Director of Global Syndication and Affairs for One World, said. “It's about more than access to a single trial; it's about setting a precedent for the fundamental role of the press in society."

About AtNight Media & One World

One World Media Corp. is a groundbreaking joint venture between AtNight Media LLC (d/b/a AtNight Media Group) and an undisclosed third party, with a mission to lead the global news syndicate and redefine the landscape of information with services anticipated to roll out by 2025. This venture marks AtNight’s strategic shift from its Philadelphia roots and the national market. Aiming to pioneer a physical information infrastructure in anticipation of moving into production by 2035, One World aims to captivate a global daily audience of 3 billion by 2040.

This formation signifies a bold move towards achieving unparalleled global distribution and influence, ensuring that essential news and information reach audiences worldwide.

Further details about One World’s corporate structure, upcoming information services, and other key developments will be released in the coming weeks. For more details about One World and its initiatives, visit

About Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt serves as the Chief Executive Officer, President of Global Development, and Director of Human and Equal Rights Compliance for One World.

In addition, Wyatt is the Founder, President, and CEO of Purpose Public Relations Firm, located in Birmingham. His leadership has catalyzed the firm’s rapid growth, attracting a diverse clientele that includes Fortune 500 companies and Forbes 400 members.

His portfolio includes work with notable entities such as Malcolm Pirnie Engineering Firm, AT&T, and Lions Gate Entertainment, among others. Wyatt’s efforts have been instrumental in guiding these organizations through their public relations challenges and establishing their strong industry standings.

Notably, Wyatt has recently gained recognition for his representation of comedian Bill Cosby, who faced sexual assault charges that were ultimately dismissed by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. This decision marked a significant moment, as Wyatt became the only publicist or crisis manager to successfully defend a client amid the #MeToo movement that significantly impacted Hollywood and captured global attention.

About Hong Xie

Hong Xie, President of One World and Director of Global Syndication and Affairs, carries a unique perspective shaped by his upbringing in Shenzhen, China, known as China's Silicon Valley, and his early relocation to the United States. His background instilled in him a deep appreciation for the convergence of diverse talents and ideas, a principle that drives his leadership at One World.

As a strategic investor and Chinese-American businessman, Xie is deeply invested in One World's mission to unite a myriad of voices into a singular, impactful force within the global media landscape. His commitment extends beyond merely developing new tools for news gathering; Xie is dedicated to significantly broadening journalistic reach and influence worldwide.

Xie acknowledges the challenges presented by artificial intelligence 'hallucinations' in the media but believes One World is on the cusp of addressing these issues. Through meticulous research and development, his team is making strides towards solutions that promise a blend of speed, accuracy, and analytical depth, potentially revolutionizing how information is processed and delivered.

More information will become available at:



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Joseph Lesniak, Esquire

Counsel for One Word et al.

Tel: 484-444-2348


One World Corporate Communications

Joshua Perez

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